Three Ways To Deal With Debt

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 Only Three Ways To Deal With Debt

Don’t let anyone tell you different. That’s it. There are only three ways to reduce debt, eliminate debt, destroy debt. That one sounded good didn’t it? Destroy debt, I like that. Ok, so what are they? Simple, really, I will list them in order of value.

Print More Money

This is a fine plan, but it really only works if you are a crook or a government. And come to think of it, that line gets pretty blurred doesn’t it? Also have you ever noticed that you don’t see them in the same picture together? Makes me think they might be one and the same.

Cut Down on Expenses

This is the preferred option of 97% of the world’s population. It’s the most popular of the Three Ways To Deal With Debt. It is also the least effective in the long term because things just tend to cost more as time moves along. People also get tired of scrimping and scraping by. Eventually if you’re a people you want change, thus revolts and revolution. If you’re a crook or a government, then see the above.

Three Ways To Deal With Debt Really Becomes One Way

Earn More Money

This is the big one. The one that everyone says oh ya, of course, make more money. But I can’t, you see. I promised the wife I’d finally tackle the yard, or I have to give mom a ride to the doctor, or Jordan a ride to soccer practice, or take Chynna to go shopping for fake nails. And later on, Dancing With The Stars is on, oh, and so is Survivor, and football and yeah. So you see I don’t have any spare time, except just enough to whine about the situation I am in.

Wonderful, I will get back to you when the pain becomes intolerable. What’s that? You don’t want to wait till you’re swimming in it before you look for a way out of the hole? Okay then, let’s go for a little walk and talk about what you can do. Really, it’s about what you MUST DO. Remember, there are only three ways to deal with debt, and two of them aren’t exactly desirable options, so lets get moving on the third one.

Three Ways To Deal With Debt

Just before we start, I suppose it’s fair to say that there is a fourth option. It isn’t one of the three ways to deal with debt because it doesn’t involve doing anything. All you have to do there is to ignore debt. Ah, you already know that one? So do our governments it would seem. After all, isn’t that what got us into this mess in the first place? Okay so time to address the third of the three ways to deal with debt.

Obviously our plan here is to take a different tack, and to earn enough money so that we are able to cover off all of our current expenses and to repay any debt that we have. Now, that’s a method of destroying debt that I like. And tomorrow I am going to tell you how I decided to do it, and then you can learn from my mistakes so that you don’t have to make the same ones. We all learn our lessons best when there is pain involved, but no one has ever said that the pain had to be personal. Someone else’s pain (in this case mine) should work just as well.

Till Next Time….

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2 Responses to “Three Ways To Deal With Debt”

  1. Hale Pringle Says:

    I see people all the time trying to cut down on expenses and they wnd up with $20 to apply toward their $15,000 debt. How does that work? – poorly.

    Thanks – looking forward to the sequel(s)
    Dr. Hale
    Hale Pringle recently posted…Becoming an Attraction Marketer – Add a Sales Funnel to Your BlogMy Profile


    sigrid Reply:

    It’s roughly equivalent to the American Government’s curtailment on spending and the net impact it will have on the total deficit (NOT).



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