Six Ways To Get What You Want – Part Two

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Get What You Want – Focus

Focus On How You Can Get What You Want

This is the second part of a six part series on how to get what you want. In the first part we looked the act of asking for what you want and how that can manifest itself. In Part Two we will examine the power of focus and how focusing on your want can help you to get what you want.

The art of using focus as a tool to get what you want isn’t new or even controversial. There are tons of books, DVD’s and programs available that will teach you how to focus your thoughts. The entire concept of focusing on your wants and desires, and willing them into form from thought, really got its beginnings with Napolean Hill’s book, “Think And Grow Rich.” The latest foray into that field that received world-wide acclaim was ‘The Secret’ with Rhonda Byrne. I definitely would recommend that everyone who has unsatisfied wants to read Think and Grow Rich and to watch ‘The Secret’ if you have not already done so, and redoing it if they have. Often we humans don’t get the message the first time we hear something, and it takes time for our brains to accept and then promote a particular concept.

get what you want

When we begin to focus upon how to get what we want, and get to the point where we can visualize what we want and begin to ‘act as if’ we already possessed it, then we are well on our way to getting what we want. It is critical that we keep an open mind at this time and look for not just what it is we want, but also a means by which we can get what we want. An example would be wanting to have a bigger house than the one that you have, but lacking in funds or credit to make that a reality. But by focusing on what you want, and making it known, you are introduced to an owner of a large house that wants to sell and is willing to enter into a lease-to-own contract with you.

In watching ‘The Secret’, you will be exposed to the metaphysical concept that ‘thoughts become things’, and they do. But they don’t always manifest themselves in the form that we imagine they will be, or in a turn-key ready form. Sometimes they more resemble something that Wily Coyote would have gotten from the Acme Company (some assembly required), and they require us to roll up our sleeves and do some work in order to get what we want. Not all wants are satisfied automatically. There definitely are advantages to focusing your thoughts. By doing so, it will help you concentrate on everything that relates to the thing you want, simply because of your thoughts.

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Suddenly you will see opportunities where none existed before, and people who can help you will appear as if by magic. You will begin taking small steps towards the thing that you want, and begin to notice that your thoughts all seem to trigger small actions that continually move you closer to your goal. These don’t have to be earth shattering events and odds are they won’t be. Just small signs that you are on the right track and that what you seek is not far off.

Continue to focus on your want as you work towards it at the same time. These thoughts act as reminders in your mind and help to keep you focused on the goal of satisfying your wants. Remember, it isn’t always just the thoughts themselves but also everything that those thoughts bring into being that will prove helpful to you in your quest to get what you want.

Join us again for Part 3 of the six part series on How to Get What You Want.

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