Six Ways To Get What You Want – Part Three

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Get What You Want – Setting Goals

Taking Action After Setting Goals To Get What You Want

This is the third part of a six part series on how to get what you want. In the first part we looked at the act of asking for what you want and how that can manifest itself. In Part Two we examined the power of focus and how focusing on your want can help you to get what you want. Here in Part Three we are going to explore Goal Setting and Taking Action.

The Importance of Setting Goals and Then Taking Action

get what you want

Goal setting is one of the most important and primary ways of outlining exactly what it is that you want. Simply by clearly defining your want, you are setting your subconscious into action. The way that I look at it is by using an analogy of a ship at sea. If I am the ship and my goal (or want) is a port, then I need to know where it is, so I know how to get from where I am, to where it is. If I program my subconscious mind with my goal, then it is like having the ship on auto-pilot. The actions that I take in ordinary day to day life will bring me closer to my goal. Our minds are very powerful things, and have the ability to turn even the most mundane tasks to our advantage when we have preset our goals into it.

I like to use ‘SMART’ goals when I am goal setting. SMART is the acronym used to describe goals that are:

  • S  =  specific
  • M measurable
  • A  =  attainable
  • R  =  results-based
  • T  =  timeline

By setting these types of goals I am laying out exactly what my expectations are and you can do the same. Once you have your goals identified and are committed to them, you should congratulate yourself because you are halfway to achieving your goal. All that remains to do now is to put your plan into action.

All the goal setting and planning in the world won’t produce a darn thing if you don’t provide some action. By action I don’t mean that you have to set the world on fire, or your hair on fire either, but there will be things that you can do that are specific to the goals that you have set. It is important to undertake some action every day, no matter how small or insignificant it might be. Newton’s law of motion applies here. A body at rest tends to stay at rest, whereas a body in motion tends to stay in motion.

Taking action is quite possibly the most important step in the entire process.

 It doesn’t do much good to have a bunch of things you want if you are doing nothing to achieve them. They aren’tget what you want1 going to simply appear for you, and you’ll need to put some effort into making those things happen. Sometimes the wants you have are very grandiose and it is going to require great amounts of courage to take action and to move towards your goals.

Goals are something to work towards and if done properly, give a great way to measure your level of progress. That can get you motivated to keep the momentum going towards what you ultimately want. (Your final goal).

Join us for ‘Reciprocity’, the fourth part of this six part series on How To Get What You Want.

Till Next Time….

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