Six Ways To Get What You Want – Part Five

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Get What You Want – With Passion & Enthusiasm

Using Passion and Enthusiasm To Get What You Want

This is the fifth part of a six part series on how to get what you want. In the first part we looked the act of asking for what you want and how that can manifest itself. In Part Two we examined the power of focus and how focusing on your want can help you to get what you want. In Part Three we explored Goal Setting and Taking Action. In part four we went through the Law of Reciprocity, what it is and how it works to help you get what you want. Now here in part five we are looking at how Passion and Enthusiasm can help you to get what you want.

Passion is contagious. That’s an irrefutable fact that everyone endorses. People who are passionate about life and their wants in life just tend to attract the things that they want to them. It’s no secret that people who are passionate and enthusiastic will be better equipped to get through and get past many of the little things in life that will take us off our game, or cause us to give up and do something else.

get what you wantIf you can, think back to when you were a child and can recall the level of enthusiasm that you had. Children are not easily dissuaded, and are used to having the world say no to their dreams and their ideas, but that doesn’t necessarily slow them down at all. They find other ways to get to what they want, and seem to be able to come up with an almost inexhaustible supply of ideas. If you advance your wants with the same amount of passion and enthusiasm as a child, it is almost certain that you will find a way to get what you want. When you have that level of passion, other people notice and they will want to help you get what you want as well. Often you will be just given what you want because of someone observing your level of enthusiasm, and then supplying you with a vehicle that will get you to what you want, or where you want to go.

Passion is not something that can easily be contained and that is exactly why it goes hand in hand with enthusiasm. Because Passion is a contagious trait, others you meet will be influenced and more likely to help you get what you want. People are generally happier to donate, help or give things to a person or cause who absolutely LOVES everything about that,  and truly wants to make something out of what you have to give. It isn’t in a human’s nature to not help a passionate and enthusiastic person.

Join us for the final segment in this series Six Ways To Get What You Want when we look at why persistence pays.

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4 Responses to “Six Ways To Get What You Want – Part Five”

  1. Dagmar Wichary Says:

    I also truly believe in all the things you mentiond in all the 5 segments before. I love the secret and believe that what you put out to the universe, will be returned in 1 way or another. I believe in helping others. It does not have to be with money, good deeds is what is very important also. I have gotten so much love and support over the years and I will never forget that. Books to improve your knowledge about things are important to me as well..


    sigrid Reply:

    Thanks so much for sharing Dagmar. You truly come from the heart!



  2. Damayanthi Says:

    I agree with you Sigrid, when you are passionate about something it is easy to keep on track. You will do what you need to do by default.

    Thanks for sharing

    Damayanthi recently posted…Most Effective Content Creating Strategy for Online MarketersMy Profile


    sigrid Reply:

    You are so right Damayanthi. Sometimes passion can spur us onwards when nothing else can!



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