Seven Ways To Make Quick Cash

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Do You Need To Know Ways To Make Quick Cash?

Every now and then we get ourselves into a situation where we need some quick cash . These ideas are for that specific situation, and are designed to raise $200 or more in two weeks or less. They are not designed to create long-term sustainable income, but some of them could be turned into that if approached in the right way.

Ways To Make Quick Cash1

1. Sell surplus stuff on eBay or Craigslist

Take a look around and put everything that you have not used in the last 6 months or so that is worth more than $5 up for sale. We all have accumulated a lot more ‘stuff’ than we will ever use or need.  This is a great way to reduce clutter around home and to free up more space. And if you become good at selling on eBay and Craigslist you may want to consider that for a potential stream of income instead of just one of the ways to make quick cash.

2. Have a garage sale

This is for all of the things that you felt you couldn’t easily sell on eBay or Craigslist. Things that were too large or bulky or weren’t worth $5. It is also wise to augment your stock with that of neighbours or relatives. Don’t forget that the key to a successful garage sale is to advertise, advertise, advertise. Get the word out to as many places as you can. Once again, this has the potential to turn into something more than a one time only event.

3. Sell Plasma (Blood)

This something that you can really only do twice in two weeks and that won’t actually bring in $200, but it will make you $50, and if you have a partner you are now up to $100. All you have to do is to couple it with another idea or two and you will have made the target. Often it will take more than one or two ways to make quick cash to get to $200 as rapidly as possible.

Working Ways To Make Quick Cash

4. Offer To Do Odd Jobs For People

TWays To Make Quick Cashhese can be as simple as raking leaves, mowing grass, cleaning gutters, doing landscaping, weeding, cleaning up or tidying a yard. Pay attention to people’s yards and offer to do things that look like they need doing. I’d even suggest keeping the price of the first job quite reasonable to see if there is anything else that they would like to have you do.

5. Offer Personal Services To Older People

Many people who are mobility challenged need help to do even the simplest things like getting groceries, picking up prescriptions, getting to appointments. Depending on their level of trust in you, there is a myriad of jobs that you can do for them to make their life easier and to solve their problems.

 6. Baby Sitting Services

This job isn’t restricted to teenage girls anymore. There are lots of males that are trustworthy and responsible enough to handle this job with ease. And it is a referral business without compare. If you get a good reputation, then you will have no shortage of clients. It will be difficult to build a client list in two weeks, but you may have success through a referral or a babysitting agency. If you already have clients, then it is easy to contact them to see if they have any referrals that you could contact, making this one of the easiest ways to make quick cash.

7. Pet Sitting/Pet Walking

More and more people are finding themselves short on time to walk or exercise their pets. By the time that they get home the day is pretty much over, and there is seldom time to walk them in the morning prior to going to work. Pet owners feel badly for their pets, and most of them would love to have another dependable person that they can have exercise their pets.

Check back in on the next blog post to learn how to maximize your earning opportunities when you are offering services to people.

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