Wear It With Pride

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It’s Just An Old Shirt, But I Wear It With Pride

Guest Post By Archie McNab

I have the good fortune to have some clothes that have been given to me by friends and relatives for a whole slew of reasons. I do a lot of farming and construction work, so I tend to be pretty hard on my clothes. And I’m of Scots heritage, so anything ‘free’ holds enormous appeal. Isn’t that funny, how we can’t escape who we are? Some of the shirts have been given to me because someone thought it was something that I would wear. Some people had husbands who wouldn’t dare wear that, some outgrew the shirt, some of them are from guys that have passed on, and I have a few new ones that people bought me because they know I like variety. No matter what the source, I wear it with pride.

You see, I have a little trick that I use. It comes from my firm belief that we can learn a little from everyone else, and that everyone else possesses some traits that I would like to have more of. When I wear a shirt I think about the person who wore it before me, or who gave it to me. I think about their best attributes, and I endeavour to let some of those fine qualities shine through.  I wear it with pride because I will emulate the best traits that the previous owner/wearer/donator had or has.   wear it with pride

What Do You Have That You Wear It With Pride?

wear it with prideToday I am wearing a shirt that belonged to my dearly departed father-in-law. It’s got a pocket on the front because he loved to have pockets in his shirts, for cigarettes when he was younger and then for his glasses as he grew older. On the back is a huge picture of a blue marlin doing a tail dance beside a rowboat, with a very weathered old man holding one end of a hand line. It’s an awesome shirt even if it is starting to show the scars of many a day on the jobsite and on the farm. Best of all, I can wear it with pride because of the character of the man that wore it before.

He was a hard working man who always had a smile on his face when he got to the jobsite, and whistled as he worked. He was an artist working with rock and brick, and he loved that the things that he created were functional as well as pleasing to the eye. He very seldom ever had a bad thing to say about anyone, and that is my goal for today while I am wearing his shirt. I am going to go the whole day without saying a bad word about another person (and yes, that will be a challenge for me).  And most of all, I am going to wear it with pride.

What do you have that you wear with pride? Maybe it isn’t an article of clothing, maybe it’s a piece of jewelry, or a keepsake. Maybe it is just a thought or a few words of advice or encouragement. We all carry something of others around with us, and it helps to make us who we are. Make a comment below and please share with the rest of us what you were given that you keep with you.

Till Next Time

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4 Responses to “Wear It With Pride”

  1. Diane Saunders Says:

    I love wearing turquoise as it is my happy color. I have silver and turquoise earrings my sister and mom bought.I go all out to wear them with pride


    Sigrid McNab Reply:

    That is so cool Diane. Thanks so much for sharing this…



  2. Dagmar Wichary Says:

    I have a winter jacket that was given to me from my girlfriend that belonged to her mother who I loved. I have it for years and I wear it with pride.


    Sigrid McNab Reply:

    Thank you so much for sharing this Dagmar. It is very special to you.



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