What Am I Going To Blog About ?

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What Am I Going To Blog About?

This has to be the most frequently asked question that anyone in this market niche hears. It’s a valid question, however, as most people (yours truly included) are pretty sure that we would be able to write a few content laden blog posts. After that though, we are likely to bog down and lose interest as writing becomes a real chore. If it was to run its course, in all likelihood the blog would dry up and then cease altogether within the first month under the combination of low views and forced writing.


So what to do? How Do I Continually Create Blog Content?

Be teachable. What I mean by that is to go to places where you would learn. I don’t mean school per se but that would work as well. I am referring to books, CD’s, webinars, seminars and tutorials. All of these are great places to learn about the market that you have chosen to operate in. Go there with an open mind and look for ways to incorporate some of the things that you have learned into blog content. Pretty easy to do isn’t it? After all, if you are able to solve people’s problems they will give you money. That’s how the marketplace works. Your value is based upon your abilities to reduce pain and to provide problem solutions.

Think about being a realtor or a mortgage broker or even a person in sales. They get paid because they can solve the problems of the marketplace. Those problems are, having a house they want to buy or sell, a need for a mortgage or a want to purchase a particular item. It’s exactly the same when you are writing a blog. Focus on solving problems of the individuals reading your blog.

My blog is primarily focused on people who have experienced high levels of income at some point in their lives and either that has fallen off or is in potential danger of doing so. They are very clear about two things as they look around themselves.

• They want to recover the standard of living that was lost or is uncertain without taking on significant risk.

• They want to safeguard it against any potential losses in the future so that there can’t be a reduction in income.

The technique that I am being taught is simple and it’s as old as marketing itself. I just have to get into the head of my prospect and find out what problems he and she are having. That is pretty easy to do, considering that I was just in that same frame of mine myself. Even if I haven’t been there, it’s still not much of a stretch for anyone to come up with problems that would weigh on the mind of an underemployed business professional.

How to replace their lost income? How to use the skills and training they have? How to learn a new one? How to start a new career or business? Part-time or full-time? How long will it take? How much will it cost? And do I even have what it takes to start all over again? All these questions and more will be addressed in my blog as I explain what I am doing to turn my financial ship around.

If it’s worked for me and many others before you why not take a look?

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