What Are You Selling?

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You Own A Gas Station, But What Are You Selling?

This seems like a most ridiculous topic, but I think that some marketers and retailers (including those on the internet) sometimes forget some very important points. In almost all cases, the main product that you advertise, display the price of and place on your shelf, isn’t the main benefit you are selling at all. Let me explain.

McDonalds sells hamburgers right? Now never mind your personal views on Mickdees (mine aren’t great either), you have to admit that they sell a lot of hamburgers. Do you think they are the best hamburgers that you can buy? Likely not. How about the cheapest? Well, probably close but still I am sure some of you know cheaper ones. So then, if that is true, what on earth are they selling?

what are you sellingThey are selling benefits. What benefits you ask? How about the benefit of a stressed single mom with a carload of screaming kids that she can’t afford to take (and what masochist would want to) to a higher end family restaurant? How about a family in an unfamiliar town that wants to eat, and knows none of the eateries there? How about people that are rushed for time and only have 30 mins or less for lunch? How about parents concerned about the safety of the hamburger that their kids are eating?

There are a ton of benefits that you can think of if you really stop and think about it. If you have trouble imagining what a benefit might be, let’s look at it another way. A benefit is something that solves a problem. When you buy a car you are usually not buying because you hate walking. You buy it for the benefits. The car can take you and your family to visit the grandparents, it can carry more than two bags of groceries at a time, and it saves you two hours of walking to and from work every day. It is the benefits you are buying.

So Really, What Are You Selling?

Do yourself a favour today, and really look at what it is that you are selling. If you own a gas station, don’tbenefits you think that you have to sell a lot more than just gas? After all, there are a million gas stations all selling pretty much the same gas. So what sets you apart? What are you selling? What benefits will your customers pay for? Drive across town for? It could be promotions that you put on, the convenience of your station’s location, or the friendly efficiency of your staff. It could be the hours that you keep, or the washrooms that are always unlocked (AND CLEAN, hello gas station owners).

You get my point. Don’t you think that Matt Lloyd recognized long ago that the value of his MOBE program wasn’t just the fact that you can make a few extra bucks? Actually quite a few extra bucks, but that’s another point. No, what Matt clearly saw was a lot of people frustrated with the terribly low referral fees they could make. He saw other people struggling without a realistic way to make the money they need to feed their families, for dads to work less hours, for moms to enjoy what they are doing. He saw a way to allow people to help other people, and make themselves feel good in the process. He became a seller of opportunities, dreams and hopes.

That’s what we have to do. Solve problems and sell hope. Pure and simple, isn’t it? So what are you selling?

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5 Responses to “What Are You Selling?”

  1. Marilyn Says:

    Great point, I think that too many look at the price tag and are no longer focused on the benefirs or thr value anymore.


    sigrid Reply:

    Thanks for picking that point up Marilyn. Unfortunately too many people don’t perceive the value in an item unless the price drops.



  2. Nick Mfg Says:

    I very much enjoyed this Blog, which I had not visited previously. I will bookmark it for future reference! The article concerning the benefits of one's business to prospective buyers, and the need to consider how best to market those, was very useful in its own rite, but also it led me (through the MOBE reference) to the webinar featuring Mat Lloyd at a Jonathan Budd event. Mat's uncompromising approach to IM is very engaging. Well worth a look for any aspiring Internet marketer.


    sigrid Reply:

    Thanks very much Nick, glad you enjoyed it. We never know where the path we start out on will take us. Matt Lloyd’s sincerity and integrity are readily apparent in everything that he does. We look forward to seeing you here in the future!




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