What Caused The Death Of Network Marketing (Part Four)

Have You Read About The Death Of Network Marketing

I have to tell you that I was shocked when I first heard about this. It wasn’t what I expected at all. It isn’t as though someone came up and ran it through. But all the same there is no doubt, there has been a demise of sorts.


The Death Of Network Marketing Is Overblown

Now, the death of network marketing has been coming for some time based on some of the numbers that we have seen from some companies. And yet with others it’s been just the opposite. So what is causing all the massive upheaval and change?

the death of network marketing

The Four Main Causes Of The Death Of Network Marketing

In the first three days we have looked at compensation plans, training and products as the first three causes of the death of network marketing. We have saved the best, and maybe the most controversial for the last.

Cause Number Four

The Controlling Officers And The Companies Themselves

Originally, I was just going to use the companies themselves, and then I thought of the innumerable examples of instant company creation and violent shifts in corporate policy and direction, almost always at the behest of the controlling officers and/or owners. It would be unfair, and less comprehensive to just label the companies as one of the main root causes of the death of network marketing.

There are literally tens of thousands of network marketing companies flogging everything from toilet paper to teaspoons to telephones to taffeta gowns. You name it, and I am sure it’s either available or it is coming soon in one form or another. The one thing that I haven’t heard of yet (and maybe it is being planned as we speak) is a network marketing company that markets network marketing companies.

board membersThe danger in all of this diversity is in the companies themselves, or more accurately, in the actions of the controlling officers themselves. When you have a group of people, who interests may be a tad more self serving than the associates in the company shall we say, you have a situation that is going to end in some heartache and misery. It is exactly this type of toxic environment and subsequent fall out that gives the industry such a negative persona, if you will. You can’t leave behind thousands of damaged relationships without there being a cost, and often a very dear one.

The industry itself has done very little to safeguard it’s workforce against the wiles and actions of the controlling officers of the network marketing companies and their misguided policy directives.

When a group of highly influential board members decide to jump ship, and to take with them all they can to either join another network marketing competitor or to strike off on their own, they inevitably leave behind a wake of carnage and disenchanted individuals.

The same is true when the decision is made to revamp the compensation plan, or the change the rules of the game partway through. Ditto with massive product changes and corporate direction. You are going to have pain and suffering. People join your company because of who you are now, not who you plan on becoming in a few years time.

Just remember, if you go with a start-up network marketing company that was created by a splinter group that jumped ship from another company, odds are that history will repeat itself and they will abandon you too.

Leopards don’t change their spots, nor do skunks their smell. These people are contributors to the death of network marketing.


Pick seasoned companies with a well established board of directors with a history of integrity. Yes, it takes longer, but it will be well worth the extra effort. After all, it’s your money.


Till Next Time

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