What Caused The Death Of Network Marketing (Part One)

Have You Read About The Death Of Network Marketing

I have to tell you that I was shocked when I first heard about this. It wasn’t what I expected at all. It isn’t as though someone came up and ran it through. But all the same, there is no doubt, there has been a demise of sorts.

The Death Of Network Marketing Is Overblown

Now, the death of network marketing has been coming for some time based on some of the numbers that we have seen from some companies. And yet with others it’s been just the opposite. So what is causing all the massive upheaval and change?

death of network marketing

The Four Main Causes Of The Death Of Network Marketing

Cause Number One

Poor or unjust compensation.  Now I could stop right there because really, that says it all. But I would have those detractors who would want to justify why their comp plan is the way it is and why it is essential for their survival to pay out no more than 25% of their gross sales. If that is true, then there is either a problem with their overhead, the product or service that they are producing, or inefficiencies in their systems. All systems have inefficiencies, but some are just more refined than others. Working for, or with a company with gross inefficiency will, in the long run, prove fatal.

Paying people poorly, even when you have a great product or service makes no sense at all, but it happens every day.

Some wizard believes that the most important thing in the company is a strong bottom line, and he will go to great lengths to make sure that happens. In the meantime, the economic drivers of the company, (the associates), are looking around at other companies that are paying far more and it is just a matter of time till they jump ship. Certainly is it almost impossible to deny the death of network marketing when you see that sort of thing going on. If you need more proof, all you have to do is talk to some of the associates that have been left high and dry by companies that have just fizzled and vanished.

Tomorrow we are going to look at the second biggest reason that there have been calls for the death of network marketing, right across the board.

Better check in, because who knows, maybe we will mention your network marketing company.

Till Next Time

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