What Caused The Death Of Network Marketing? (Part Three)

Have You Read About The Death Of Network Marketing

I have to tell you that I was shocked when I first heard about this. It wasn’t what I expected at all. It isn’t as though someone came up and ran it through. But all the same there is no doubt, there has been a demise of sorts.

The Death Of Network Marketing Is Overblown

Now, the death of network marketing has been coming for some time based on some of the numbers that we have seen from some companies. And yet with others it’s been just the opposite. So what is causing all the massive upheaval and change?

the death of network marketing

The Four Main Causes Of The Death Of Network Marketing

In the past two days we have touched on the first two causes of the death of network marketing. Specifically, compensation plans and training, and today we are going to examine the most basic of all the four main causes and the reason for the existence of the company itself.

Cause Number Three

Poorly Chosen Products Or Services

Originally network marketing was seen as a way of promoting products (and later services) between networks of friends and relatives. The idea of sharing a product that worked great for one person with their peer group made a ton Products of sense, and for years that was the mainstay of the network marketing industry. Had it stayed that way, it is doubtful that we would be here today discussing the ‘death of network marketing’.

But somewhere along the way, visionaries in the industry saw network marketing as a whole new way to flog all sorts of products and services on an unsuspecting public. Rather rapidly, the public became suspecting and then somewhat indignant, and then almost overtly hostile to the point where it was challenging to find people to talk to who didn’t already have a bit of a hate-on for an industry that they virtually know nothing  about. And really, how can we be surprised?

When you have companies that offer products that aren’t consumable (jewelry, rare coins (how rare can they be with 50,000 members), priceless china (with an attached pricelist), and innumerable geegaws that people simply will die for, you’re bound for disappointment and lots of it.

Services are no better, technology has almost killed the calling card industry, slammed the greeting card industrybuy and has made the sales of most ‘unique and proprietary’ electronic devices obsolete.

It is too easy to find reasonable legal and financial services online. Far too easy to book flights, arrange hotels and order flowers, and how many times are you planning on dying to profit from your membership in the grave of the month club? Be reasonable, if you want to be in a company that isn’t part of the death of network marketing.

Find one that has highly consumable products, that are fairly priced.

These products have to be something that people would ‘normally’ be buying, and they have to have the ability to be retailed. If they can’t (or don’t), you might want to look at why that is. Are they overpriced in the beginning?

Lastly, and by far the most importantly, are they products that are of scientifically superior quality?

Notice I said superior, not rare, or unique or bizarre. Berry juice pressed by the toes of someone on some mountain top in Borneo, ingestible sponges from the reefs of Madagascar, and coffee beans that have gone through the intestinal tracts of an animal prior to grinding are NOT examples of superior products.

Please people, let common sense rule and do your research.

I will leave you with the words of South African real estate mogul Dolf De Roos.

“The ‘deal of a lifetime’ comes along about every two weeks.

Part 4 tomorrow so come on back.

Till Next Time

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