What Caused The Death Of Network Marketing (Part Two)

Have You Read About The Death Of Network Marketing

I have to tell you that I was shocked when I first heard about this. It wasn’t what I expected at all. It isn’t as though someone came up and ran it through. But all the same there is no doubt, there has been a demise of sorts.

The Death Of Network Marketing Is Overblown

Now, the death of network marketing has been coming for some time based on some of the numbers that we have seen from some companies. And yet with others it’s been just the opposite. So what is causing all the massive upheaval and change?

death of network marketing

The Four Main Causes Of The Death Of Network Marketing

Last time, we looked at the 1st cause, Poor or unjust compensation

Today we look at the second cause:

Cause Number Two

Lack Of Effective Training. I am being deliberately careful and while it is tempting to say lack of training, it wouldn’t be accurate or even fair. Not all training is effective, and not everyone can take training and turn around and traininguse it in an effective way. Some trainers do a fantastic job of training, but there just isn’t enough hours in the day to do all that really should be done. So they are forced to skimp on training. That’s like having to skimp on fertilizer for your flowers. Sooner or later (usually sooner), the evidence will be plain for all to see.

Where it really shows up is in the ratio of results or the level of success that a new associate demonstrates.

How well are they responding to the pressures that come from network marketing? No wonder people are claiming that the death of network marketing is nigh. So few new associates are given real training. They are tossed a manual, and if lucky, they get a cursory view of a presentation and boom, they are left to fend for themselves. When new associates can begin to achieve the same levels of success as their sponsors, then training levels are where they should be.

Poor Training The Leading Cause Of The Death Of Network Marketing?

Just before we dismiss the death of network marketing as being a function of inadequate, effective training, let’s take a closer look at why it makes such a huge difference.

Well known industry expert, Tim Sales, notes that in order to effectively recruit a previous network marketer back into the industry, they have to be shown that in all cases it was a lack of training that caused them to fail in their previous attempts. Tim raises a valid point. All failures are the result of inadequate training, even if the failure was plain old laziness or inactivity. Proper training would have clearly shown how that couldn’t work, and set out a clear plan to follow and how to attain the desired results.

This viewpoint, held by Tim and many others in the industry, places training as the key tipping point for all associates success or failure in network marketing.

No wonder it is considered one of the top reasons for the potential death of network marketing.

Be sure to come back to get the final two causes of the death of network marketing and see how your experience stacks up.

Till Next Time

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