What Good Is A Guarantee Anymore?

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What Good Is A Guarantee Anymore?

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This is the final post in this series on ‘Five Sure-fire Sales Techniques’ based on Dan Kennedy’s book The Ultimate Sales Letter: Attract New Customers. Boost your Sales. Dan lists much more information than just these five in his book and if you are in sales it is in the ‘must have’ category for your personal library. In four previous posts I have covered off the sales techniques of Intimidation, Money Selling, Ego Appeal and Story Telling. If you have missed any or all of them I encourage you to have a look. You will maybe get a smile, maybe learn something, but for sure you will get to see things from a slightly different perspective.

 People Love Guarantees. Why?

In his book, Dan talks about the values of a strong guarantee and why they can be so important and carry a disproportionate amount of weight in your sales sector. Face it, people love guarantees and warranties, implied or intended, written or not. They give the consumer a feeling of comfort. First of all, it boosts your integrity because the automatic assumption is that anyone who will go to the trouble of issuing a guarantee has to have a lot of confidence in their product and its effectiveness.

1.What’s a Guarantee Worth?

While the product or service that they offer might be effective,it might also be that they have done their homework and they know just how few people actually will act on a guarantee or a warranty, even if they find the product or service not to be effective. There are a number of reasons why some guarantees are virtually meaningless or have little to no value. Let’s say you buy a tent for eighty dollars. You know right away that an eighty dollar tent isn’t likely to be all that sturdy, nor a life-time investment.

2.When Guarantees Mean Next To Nothing

The manufacturer of the tent likely offers a limited guarantee that goes something like this. If this product is not found to be free of defect in construction and workmanship within 90 days it may be returned for a full refund. Tents are to sent in their original packaging to the manufacturer in Upper Volta who reserve the right to repair the tent and send it back to you free of charge, save for the thirty eight dollar shipping and handling charge and the tip for the camel driver that makes sure it gets on the bus. In addition, this tent cannot have been used in conditions that provided prolonged exposure to high heat, extended rainfall or sheet lightning. Well, you get my point. Almost no one is going to act on a guarantee for a trivial item and when they do it will be very few who do.

3.When A Guarantee Means Everything

If you really want to make your guarantee effective and a real sales tool, offer something that is outrageous. Offer something like this. “If you don’t find that this product or service provided everything that was promised, simply return it with a detailed explanation and I will cheerfully refund your money plus $25 dollars cash with no strings attached.” Now that is going to have people reacting in a positive way. You don’t ask them to jump through hoops, nor do you set conditions that are almost impossible to achieve. You have to give people a feeling of comfort and confidence, and they will gladly conduct business with you. Otherwise, open a tent manufacturing operation in Upper Volta. The camel drivers name is Achmed. He can show you around.

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