What Is The Most Popular Animal In Blogs?

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What Do You Think?  What Is The Most Popular Animal In Blogs?

It seems a natural that people would write blogs about animals and most definitely mention them in their blogs. Done it myself, check out ‘That’s One Odd Bird’ that I wrote last year about the value in being unique. It got me to wondering what is the most popular animal in blogs. I am not restricting this to just blogs about animals, but rather how many times animals are mentioned either in blogs or in connection to a blog. I got some really surprising and, I hope, entertaining results.

the most popular animal in blogs

Dogs led the way (no surprise there), narrowly eclipsing the second most popular animal (cats) by a thin margin. Horses were the next most popular, followed by pigs, cows and sheep and goats rounded out the farm animals at 78.8 million responses. Some of the most popular animal in blogs that you would expect to see, were well represented, eagles -155 million, whales-97.6 million, dolphins-47 million, and sharks-129 million.

Continuing in the sea, octopus garnered 5.4 million mentions while the beleaguered yellowfin tuna limped by on 345 thousand. Other colourful names didn’t fare much better with the yellow belly sapsucker-88.8 thousand, the red footed booby-610 thousand, rainbow butt monkeys-820 thousand and the red spider mite-257 thousand.

blogs about animalsOther creepy crawlies proved more popular with spiders weighing in at 153 million, fire ants-43.7, and centipedes at 384 thousand. Millipedes proved more is better and polled a respectable 1.1 million.

The hare (rabbit)-60.8 million finally bested the tortoise at 3.0 million, as did the coyote-24.5 million finally whacking the roadrunner at 15.5 million. Fellow cartoon figure, the Tasmanian devil, netted 2.6 million results badly overshadowed by Scooby Doo-14.5, Goofy-12.2 and Mickey a whopping 39.4 million.

Being big helped for the hippo-9.3 million, rhino-6.6, buffalo-250 million, but at the expense of the poor down trodden and much maligned dormouse-331 thousand and aardvark -1.2 million.

For the complete list of these animals and all the others I researched, whether real or imagined, see below. (Unicorns by the way produced 38.6 million results).

Did your favorite make the list of the most popular animal in blogs? If not, let’s get it included. Shoot me a comment and I will update the list.

The Most Popular Animal In Blogs

Dogs                               1.5   billion Cats              1.3    billion
Horses                            604   million Pigs              512    million
Buffalo                            250   million
Lions                               211   million Bats              165    million
Spiders                           164   million
Eagles                            155   million Tigers            151    million
Cows                              137  million Sharks           129    million
Snakes                           111  million Sheep            105    million
Whales                           97.6  million Goats            78.8    million
Turtles                           64.2  million Rabbits          60.8    million
Crows                            59.5  million Dolphins          47     million
Fire Ants                         43.7  million Mickey Mouse  39.4  million
Unicorns                         38.6   million Lizards            38.3   million
Coyotes                         24.5   million Werewolves     15.9   million
Roadrunners                  15.5   million Scooby Doo     14.5   million
Goofy                             12.2   million Hippos               9.3    million
Magpies                            8.5   million Condors             8.4   million
Anteaters                          8.4   million Hummingbird     8.3    million
Rhinos                              6.6   million Octopus             5.4    million
Tortoise                            3.0   million Tasmanian Devil 2.6   million
Aardvarks                         1.2   million Millipedes           1.1   million
Rainbow Butt Monkeys     820   thousand
Red-footed Booby            610   thousand
Centipedes                       384   thousand Yellowfin tuna     345 thousand
Dormouse                        331    thousand Ligers                 283 thousand
Red Spider Mite               257    thousand
Yellow Belly Sapsucker    88.8   thousand
















Although this list is far from comprehensive, it does provide an interesting glimpse into the widespread mention of animals in blogs. Just by the sheer volume of results, it would indicate that animals get a broad range of exposure across literally billions of blogs. How many times do you think you have read a blog post that mentions animals? Give me a number in the comments below.

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