What It Takes To Succeed Isn’t Just Money And Brains

Do You Have Enough Of What It Takes To Succeed

I just read an email from a mentor of mine who was pointing out something of real value.  He was saying that several of his mentors were talking on a Google chat about what it takes to succeed in business.  I think that this applies to a lot more than just business.

Are You One Of The 20% That Has What It Takes To Succeed

Virgin CEO Richard Branson noted that his experience was that most businesses start off well during the honeymoon period, but that after a year or so there came a time of real difficulty, of struggle and turmoil

It is during this period of soul searching and self doubt that more than 80% of all people and their businesses fail.


They don’t have what it takes to succeed,  because they don’t have what it takes to survive.

In order to survive you need to persevere.  That’s all.


Countless times throughout history those who had what it takes to succeed had perseverance. They didn’t always have the biggest armies, or the smartest or bravest generals, but they refused to give up. They didn’t have the fattest bank accounts, or the most dashing good looks, but they had steel will and determination. When the going got tough, they didn’t turtle and run back to the safety of their room and the fantasy world of video games. They rolled up their sleeves and got right to work.

what it takes to succeed

This Guy Has What It Takes To Succeed

My mentor, Matt Lloyd, has had his period of trials and tribulations. And I am glad he has. Because now he can prove to himself and to the rest of the world that he has what it takes to succeed.

What he teaches is very direct, no-fluff, and will coach you how to start and grow your online business. It is based on real world experience – he’s proven it works in his own business, and only then will offer it to you as advice.

He teaches what actually works.

A good farmer friend of mine pointed out to me the other day that things that survive great trials and severe challenges often end up living a very long time.

Surviving the harshest tests often sets us up for life, because there are no obstacles ahead greater than those that we have already overcome.

The key to success is in survival and perseverance, no matter what the odds. Do you have what it takes to succeed?  If you do, the best is yet to come.

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