What’s Your Facebook Reach Time?

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How Come My Facebook Reach Is So Limited?

Ever wonder about your Facebook posts and how often they get read? Or how fast they become irrelevant and are slotted into the great ethernet garbage can in the sky? The answers might surprise you, maybe even shock you and to some degree dishearten you. But now that you have the information, you can better plan your Facebook posts and with the help of some analytics tools, you can radically improve your odds of having your post seen and read.

Why Should I Care About My Facebook Reach?

Facebook reach

According to the good folks over at marketingcharts.com, where they study this stuff night and day. A FB post will get half its reach within 30 mins of posting. Think of that. That’s like your car losing half its value 30 mins after you purchase it, or your case of wine half gone by the end of the 3rd course of your meal. It’s pretty fast isn’t it? Knowing this about your Facebook reach can be a huge benefit. Why would you post to FB in the middle of the night now? Sure it’s great that you’re up late because you’re a night owl, but how many of your readers are?

This is something you would do well to consider before issuing marketing posts. And don’t you think this same logic would apply to other online information as well? It certainly applies to emails and savvy marketers know this. Have you ever noticed the amount of emails that you get overnight that are waiting for you when you first open your mailbox in the morning? Emails have a slightly longer half life than the average Facebook reach, but the point is well made.

Marketers who know their stuff are well aware of the best time to reach people online. They know when the buying is occurring, and when the bulk of the internet users are shopping online. That’s when they send their most compelling ‘buying emails’. That is also when you should be making your most compelling ‘buying FB posts’ to maximize your Facebook reach.

If you look closely at the stats, you will be even more inclined to carefully time your posts based on when your readers are most likely to be online and  receptive to them. You have to be able to track reads and responses, or you are just throwing darts in the dark. Your FB has 30 mins max to reach half of its audience and the remainder of the Facebook reach occurs over the next 7 hours. And after that it is dead. DEAD! So for those of you who think that one or two posts a week will work just fine, sure it will, as long as you NEVER aspire to internet success.

As for the rest of us, we would do well to take a hard look at what we are doing, and see if it really is the best possible use of our FB posts. After all, if you are putting in the work, wouldn’t you rather do it when it has the most value? Especially now that you know that your Facebook reach has about the same shelf-life as an open can of sardines on a hot day.

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