What’s The Score?

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The Score?- It Was Fourty Years Ago Today…And The Whole Country Cheered!

The Score- Guest Post By Archie McNab

I remember it like yesterday, sitting in Chemistry class, listening to Mr. Kennedy going on about the molecular weight of molybdenum, but only hearing the loud whispers in class all asking the same question. What’s the score? That was all we cared about. For just one morning us teenage boys didn’t care about the micro miniskirts on all the girls, and they didn’t care about what colour lipstick or nails they and their lab partners were wearing. We only cared about the game.

What game you might innocently ask? But only if you’re under 50 or if you never lived in Canada. For those of you that didn’t, I will explain. A lot of popular generalities made about Canada are only partly true, except for one. We are passionate about our hockey. In fact, in order to give perspective to our American friends, I would have to equate it to this example. If you took the percentage of the population in the United States whose favourite sport is baseball, football or basketball and added them all up you would still have a lower number than the portion of Canadians that follow hockey. But what’s the score?


In 1972, there was a hockey series that was announced with great fanfare. The Canadians were going to play against the Russians in an 8 game winner take all extravaganza known as the Summit Series. Now remember, this was back in the midst of the Cold War, and the era of Richard Nixon. To play hockey against the ‘Godless Commies’ was akin to having a game of one on one with Old Lucifer himself. Still, in Canada, there was confidence we would whack them and whack them hard, sending them back to the USSR, a humbled lot.

The first game was played and our victory in the series was all but assured. Then the unthinkable happened. We lost. And lost again. And yet, again. We were stunned. This was inconceivable. We, the country that invented hockey, could lose to the hated Reds? We also invented basketball, but we don’t cling as readily to the game played by tall men in short pants. The series which had started in Canada now shifted to the USSR, where we were now Kanada on the scoreboard and clearly hated by the partisan crowds. The boys were in tough. The war of words escalated and so did the war on the ice. The series grew violent, and heroes and villains began to emerge.

Eventually, the last game of the series was all that was left to play. Owing to a tied game earlier on in the series, each team had the same record, with three victories and a tie. It was do or die. Ironically enough, in the high school classroom where I sat, there was no real concern about the fact that the score wasn’t going well. The only concern was that Kennedy was being a butthead and insisting upon us remaining in class, even as the game was played out. The grumbling grew louder and louder. The inmates were restless. Knowing what I know today, I would love to ask Kennedy and the principal of the school, a pompous ass named Bryan, just exactly why we were in class when the entire school system was allowed time off to watch the game. It matters not. In fact, I can’t recall whether we were actually let go from class, or if we all just stormed out and down to the lunchroom where the entire population of the school sat transfixed by the small figures on the single TV set courtesy of the AV dept. ’What’s the score?’ we asked.

The score was 5-3 for the Russians when we arrived, but we didn’t care. We were going to come back. Some how, some way. The progress in the game didn’t reflect our confidence , and the minutes ticked by. Finally we scored, and we yelled and stomped and cheered. We scored again and everyone was on their feet, the TV set teetering precariously in the wild outburst. Every eye was riveted on the screen, and the tension was like a steel shroud over the onlookers. It seemed as though time stood still when Henderson batted in his own rebound past Tretiak and the whole place erupted.  It was so elating, and such a moment of pure euphoria ,that is was almost impossible to watch the remaining seconds click off the clock and we had done it! We had beaten the Russians. No one talked about how close it was. No one wanted to admit they nearly handed us our lunch. In that moment we were the kings of the world.

score1It was without a doubt the single most unifying event for Canadians in the last 50 years. And that speaks volumes about the psyche of Canadians. The second place event for Canadians would likely be Crosby’s goal in 2010 in Vancouver that gave Canada a gold medal win over the US in men’s ice hockey. We love our hockey. That fact is backed by the stunning statistic that the viewing audience of Canadians that watched the gold medal game was in excess of 80% of the population.  That is a staggering figure that other sports in most other countries can only dream of attaining.

I have often said that the biggest difference between us and our dear neighbours to the south is how we promote national unity. In Canada, we only have to play a game of hockey in order to produce national pride and solidarity.  I like that. By the way, What’s The Score?

Till Next Time….

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6 Responses to “What’s The Score?”

  1. Rachel Williamson Says:

    Hi Sigrid,

    I think we’ve all experienced something like this before. When I first saw the post, I thought you were going to tie it to the idea of ‘distractions’ ie: what your Mr. Kennedy thought you should be doing vs. what you were actually doing.

    Anyways, that’s where my mind went:)
    Rachel Williamson recently posted…5 Must Have Tools for Building a Successful Online BusinessMy Profile


    sigrid Reply:

    Hey Rachel, I totally agree that we have all experienced something like this before. Isn’t it amazing how something can stick with you for years and bring up emotions from way back then?



  2. A Trace of Grace Says:

    Thank you so much for this post.This weekend I went up to San Diego for a Nitrous work shop. The speakers that spoke all had something in common. I connected with one and got to spend some one on one with this up and coming Guru. He asked me a lot about what my passion were and I wasn't able to fully explain it.
    The love of sports and the unity it brings is something I never realized until I read your post. Thank you for giving your perspective on this.I have a lot to learn on why people go nuts for a game. http://atraceofgrace.com


    sigrid Reply:

    You are so welcome Grace.



  3. Dagmar Wichary Says:

    I remember it well, eveybody glued to the TV, biting nails ,forgetting to eat or drink and thinking just do it just do it and they pulled it off.I know when it comes to push and shove Canada will stand united .It still is that way


    sigrid Reply:

    nice comment Dagmar! That is exactly how it was and still is. We are one!



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