What’s The Hidden Truth Behind Longaberger Baskets?

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What’s The Hidden Truth Behind Longaberger Baskets?

Why Baskets Are So Popular?

What did the BIG BAD WOLF want from Little Red Riding Hood? Her basket of course!! Baskets have seen a sharp resurgence in popularity of late and that hasn’t gone unnoticed by the 45,000 reps that Longaberger has worldwide.  With the focus on green alternatives to plastic bags and other single-use disposable containers, baskets provide solutions in many situations.

But Why Longaberger?

longaberger baskets

Longaberger baskets have been specially designed and modified to fit a whole variety of needs from the traditional shopping basket all the way to high end gift packaging. The baskets themselves can be the most valuable and longest lasting part of any gift, whether it is a fruit basket or a wine and cheese basket.

Longaberger, the premier American basket manufacturing company, has been in existence in one form or another since the 1920’s. They have prided themselves since the very beginning, to produce top quality baskets that fulfill a variety of needs and uses.

How The Marketing System Works

Longaberger has also used direct marketing, much the same as Tupperware, as a means of distributing its products to the marketplace.  This has resulted in thousands of individuals being the first-line marketers of baskets often in a word of mouth or home party type of environment. This type of marketing gives the company some unique advantages over traditional marketing.

The overall advertising and marketing costs to the company are much lower than they are with conventional  marketing and the cost to the company for its ‘sales force’ is significantly reduced.  Also in sharp contrast to conventional sales, with Longaberger’s direct sales method, a larger portion of each sale goes to the individual that made it.

The Mission Of The Longaberger Basket

It’s just one more way that Longaberger is able to carry out the Corporate Mission Statement  – To Stimulate a Better Quality Of Life.  The Mission Statement reflects Longaberger’s continuation of the company’s founding philosophy that people are the key to the company’s success. In short, they are a family –owned company with a family friendly environment and a basket is the perfect symbol of wholesome goodness.

How To Make It Pay For You

It’s easy to make sales when you have a proven system that allows you to rapidly build a team of passionate and happy people.  That is essential in any business and with a product as good as Longaberger baskets all you need for success is your motivation and a system.  For best results, use a proven system like Magnetic Sponsoring  and get ready to watch your business explode.

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