What’s The Weak Link In Your Chain

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Where Is The Weak Link In Your Chain?

What happens when your truck is stuck really bad, I am talking stuck so deep, you cannot open the doors and have to escape out a rolled down window bad, and a friend comes by with a tractor and a chain? You hook the chain on and he pulls you out right? If things go well, he will but if you have a chain with a weak link, guess what? You aren’t going anywhere for awhile.   the weak link in your chain

the weak link in your chainThe very same thing can be said about your business as well. If you have the weak link in your chain, then your business isn’t going anywhere either. But before you can fix your business (and before we can fix the chain), we need to know where the weak link is, and how we can fix it. Seems simple doesn’t it. All we have to do is take your business and look at it link by link, and we will easily be able to tell where the weak link in your chain is.

If you are marketing on the internet you are going to need customers, or at the very least a good sized customer base (email list) that you can bring products and services to. You have to be able to engage them and to entice them into buying the same. You have to be able to collect money from them and you have to be able to follow up with them so that you can repeat the process.

The Weak Link In Your Chain, What’s Most Common?

All of these are links in the process, but there is more to it than just those basic steps. You have to rely on an effective email campaign and an auto responder that is efficient and user friendly. If your customer isn’t getting engaging emails, they aren’t going to be doing much buying. What are you doing to continually add to your customer base? A common area to find the weak link in your chain is right at the beginning by not bringing in enough new customers that you can sell to.

There are very few businesses out there that suffer from having too many potential customers. But it does happen where their weak link becomes their inability to provide product in a timely fashion. With few exceptions, people will not wait for products these days. They plunk down their credit card number and they want it now.

The final two weak links that you could have in your business are where you ask for the money. That is,  the manner payment plan in which you collect it and in the follow up process (post sale). Make it easy for people to pay. It really is just that simple. Don’t confuse them with exotic choices and payment plans. Offer three options max and move on. Trust me, you will lose less than 2% that would have purchased using some rare and complicated payment plan that would cost you a fortune to administrate. Keep it simple.

The last link is your post-sale follow up. Many people just blow this off or blow it up. After all, you have their money, what more could you want? How about more of their business in the future? Or their recommendation to friends about your service? This is where you can really forge a strong link that will benefit your business for years to come. Make sure this isn’t your weak link.

Only you can tell where the weak link in your chain is located, but a quick look at what is happening in your business will tell you. Put your efforts into fixing or replacing that weak link, not into making the already strong links in your chain stronger. It’s the only way to get unstuck and get moving again. Where is your weak link?

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2 Responses to “What’s The Weak Link In Your Chain”

  1. Dagmar Wichary Says:

    I agree. You will gain and lose some customers, but if you do not stay in touch with them, your whole business will go down the drain. You will always have to check for weak links and fix them.


    Sigrid McNab Reply:

    Thank you Dagmar. Customer support and follow up is key.



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