When Right Thinking Matters

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When Right Thinking Matters

I came home a few nights ago and sat down at my computer and was greeted by a manuscript laying face down across my keyboard.  My wife announced that she had printed it off for me because she felt that there was something of value in it for me.  Now I don’t know about you and your spouse but when mine ‘advises’ me to look at something it’s usually a good idea and though I may only grudgingly admit it, it often is of real value. She didn’t disappoint this time either.

The manuscript was the timeless classic, As A Man Thinketh, written by James Allen. It was partly responsible for launching an entire self-improvement industry and inspired many contemporary writers such as Norman Vincent Peale , Denis Waitley, Earl Nightingale and Tony Robbins. It also influenced another poorly educated man who has had a great deal of impact on my life. That was my father.

He was constantly looking for ways to improve himself and though he was by all accounts only a modest success as a farmer, he was an unqualified home-run artist when it came to riding herd on six rambunctious kids.  Along with Napolean Hill’s ‘Think and Grow Rich’ and Dale Carnegie’s ‘How to Win Friends and Influence People’, ‘As A Man Thinketh’ formed much of the basis with how he interacted with people around him and gave him a unique perspective on life under the circumstances that he lived in.

As I read through the short book, I was taken by the message of how much influence our thoughts do have on our results and even our position in life.  Now I know this personally to be true.  I have had periods in my life where I have felt that I was absolute bottom and had nowhere to go but up and sure enough my circumstances would align with my thoughts and I would find myself becoming successful in all sorts of venues in my life.  Conversely, I have at times been quite successful and felt that it was somewhat undeserved or even unearned.  Lo and behold, within a very short period of time it would ebb away from me.

If we think base thoughts than it follows that we will never be congruent with goals that we set that involve integrity and success. In so many cases, where an individual has come to grief, the results can be traced back to thinking that begat actions that brought about the calamity. If, on the other hand, we chose to think positive and pure thoughts we would be astonished at the outcome.  Only good things can come our way if we are consistent with thoughts such as these.                                                                                                                                                               

Allen raises an interesting point when he  compares the mind of a person to a garden.  If weeds (base thoughts) are allowed to flourish then there isn’t going to be a crop of flowers or fruit that is worth mentioning. If thought and character are one, then it stands to reason that we have all become the people that we think we are. There can be no other way to look at it. If you want to become a better person you must think better thoughts.



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My favourite part of the book is right at the end where Allen talks about serenity and the value of having calmness in your life. A calm life is infinitely superior to the stress laden, money making, fast-paced life that we extol the virtues of to our children.  Everyone loves to deal with a person that has a calm demeanor about them and doesn’t turn everything into a panic. They don’t live by crisis management and in times of stress they inevitably become the leaders that save the day. Their clearheadedness isn’t an accident.  It’s the result of careful training and daily concentration that we would do well to follow if we want success.  It’s something that I have to work at every single day but the results are so worthwhile.

No matter what your job or vocation is, put it into practice.  See how far into the day you can make it while remaining calm, with your spouse, children, bosses and peers.  I think you will be amazed at what a difference it makes.  I’d love to hear of your results.

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