Who Is to Blame

Finding Out Who Is To Blame

This seems to be a really popular pastime these days – finding out who is to blame. Because damn it, from floods in Toronto, Calgary and India, to train wrecks in Quebec and Paris someone has to be to blamed. Often we are so focused on blame, that we will gladly overlook all of the contributing factors in our hurry to  find “him”. We seemed to be consumed with the desire to find someone, just anyone, that we can point the finger at and say aha, that’s what caused all of our troubles.

The Blame Game: Who Is To Blame

Who Is To BlameIn actuality, there is seldom just a single act or a decision by an individual that allows a tragedy to occur. There has to be a ton of other factors that have occurred or are occurring in order for a full blown disaster. In other words, the stage has to be set. Even when you look at something as complex as the 9/11 attacks,you can see that there is plenty of blame to go around, if you choose to look at it from that angle.

When He Who Is To Blame Becomes Responsible

If we all were to look around and be truly honest, we will see that there are a lot more of us that are responsible than there are those that are members of the ‘who is to blame’ group. Lets revisit that painful 9/11 situation for a moment. I am not going to be so introspective as to go into responsibilities from a social perspective because the lines can get blurry there in a hurry. But if we all look at airport security as an example, we can see that we do have responsibilities there. Sure it is an inconvenience and an additional cost to have to search each plane prior to each flight, but isn’t that a much better idea than to take our chances?

If we accept that we all have a certain amount of responsibility, then all of a sudden we are coming from a position of responsibilitypower, because now we can do something about it. Firing the security guard that missed the box cutters would have zero value, but reinforcing security procedures so that it couldn’t happen again sure would.

Can you see the difference?

When we shoulder responsibility and decide that we aren’t going to play the ‘who is to blame’ game anymore, then we put ourselves in the driver’s seat.  Now we can make effective changes and change policies to ensure that a reoccurrence can’t happen.

Do you see the value and the power in that?

All because we decided to stand up and be counted and take on the responsibilities of the results. Good and bad. Because it works both ways. Just as sure as we have responsibilities vis a vis disasters, so too do we have ownership over all the fantastic things that happen every day on our planet.

So the next time you see something that makes you feel really good, stop and think about it. Because you will in some way, somehow, have been partly responsible. So take the credit and take a bow.

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