Why Network Marketing Won’t Work For You

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Why Network Marketing Won’t Work For You


Why Robert Thinks You Won’t Succeed in Network Marketing



No, Robert Kiyosaki did not stop by and offer to do a guest blog post on my blog, although that would have been nice. Instead, unbeknownst to him, he is scheduled to do one in a few years when I have refined and developed my blog to the point where he can’t help but want to be involved. That last sentence was written somewhat tongue in cheek, but this next paragraph isn’t. It’s going to explain why you SHOULD not join Network Marketing, and why when you did JOIN you didn’t attain the success that you wanted or thought you could create. It also is going to explain why other people, less intelligent and less deserving(?) are successful but you are at best mediocre.


Robert Kiyosaki Calls You Out

There are only two ways you can be successful in Network Marketing.  Working hard, calling all your friends, building a huge list, writing a great blog and yelling affirmations out your car window to the delight of passerbys will not do it. None of them are one of the two ways that are essential to your climb to the base of the network marketing pyramid. In fact, if you don’t do both of these two things and have them as the core of your business philosophy, Robert Kiyosaki is certain that you will ultimately fail in Network Marketing.


The Twin Truths about Network Marketing

To be successful in Network Marketing you have to have the mindset that you are joining it to help yourself. That’s got to be the number one reason. You need to want to focus on yourself and be willing and able to make the switch to becoming a business owner as opposed to a self-employed or employee mindset. The Number two reason for joining has to be that you want to help others. If you do not have it firmly fixed in your mind that you can help others become business owners as well, then you are going to struggle in Network Marketing.


Robert Kiyosaki’s Don’t Do List For Network Marketing

This is the number one reason why people join Network Marketing, and likely the reason you may have joined or sponsored people into the business. MONEY. That’s it, pure and simple. Money, by itself is never going to be enough. The second reason is the way that people approach Network Marketing. If you see it as a get rich quick or get rich fairly fast you are going to be disappointed. It is not an instant gratification type of investment. I call it an investment, because you are going to have to invest your time and some of your money and know how, and character and a lot of other skills to make it pay off. And it will pay off and pay very well, but it is a delayed satisfaction.


Emotional Intelligence vs. Scholastic Intelligence

We all know that scholastic intelligence or book smart people do well in school get degrees with no trouble and can win every award and scholarship on the planet. Still, they may fail dismally in business and often have a tough time of succeeding at any level outside of academia. Meanwhile, those that have what Robert Kiyosaki calls emotional intelligence go on to greater and better things and often succeed handsomely in the business arena. They have mastered the art of delayed gratification and are willing to make the investment and not demand or expect an instant return. They realize that Network Marketing is a business and not a lottery.


What Kind Of Game Is Network Marketing

We have just discovered that Network Marketing in its most successful form is not a game of chance. There are very few lottery winners in Network Marketing. Just like in business. Next time you see Robert Kiyosaki ask him how many lottery tickets he and his wife Kim purchase. I’m sure you will be surprised by his answer. Network Marketing is not a game of skill. It doesn’t require trickery or mastery of one small facet to be successful. In the company that I am with the most successful people have been ordinary folks like you and I. Single mothers, injured workers, disenchanted members of corporate America, those are the people that have succeeded. And why? Because they recognize that Network Marketing is a Team Sport. If you want to go it alone, it might be best to think of a different vocation. If you want to gamble, go to Vegas. If you’re a team player who wants to help others and in the process, yourself, succeed in business then you are in the right place. Welcome aboard!

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