Why Why’s Don’t Matter, And Only The What Counts

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 Why You Do Something Isn’t Important

I know that those are controversial statements to make, but all too often why’s turn into some form of an excuse. I don’t know about you, but I’m about fed up to here with excuses. If you cannot do something, then you simply cannot do it. Why you can’t has no value, it doesn’t change the results one iota. And that brings me to the point that I am making, it really is only the results that matter. Ultimately we are judged upon what we do in life and what we accomplish. No one remembers the why of what we did, and even fewer people care. I apologize if that sounds harsh or mean spirited, it isn’t meant to.

All I’m pointing out is the reality of the situation. It is important that we know that and recognize it for what it is, and then adjust our thinking accordingly. Someone that listens patiently and attentively to your sob story isn’t doing you any favours, no matter how well intentioned they may be. Life is what it is, move along with it and think on how you can use your experiences to your advantage. Everyone has challenges, and life hands us some less than pleasant things sometimes, but those are the things that help to define us and make us who we are.




By wasting time bemoaning our fate ,we put attention and energy into negative things and breathe life into them that they otherwise don’t have. Most seemingly negative events often turn out to have an unforeseen beneficial side, or a life lesson in them for us. The trick is to turn the event about in your mind like an uncut gemstone until the light hits it just right. Then, in a flash we see the value that we couldn’t before.

Stuff happens to everyone in life sooner or later, learn to accept it and use it to propel you forward, rather than stop you in your tracks. How you react to an event tells you everything you need to know about yourself. Be honest and do a self evaluation. Notice when you become impatient…what is causing that and how can you overcome it. Notice when you allow negative thinking to take over and change it to something else.

When we can master the events (good and bad) that are bound to occur in our lives, then we have more time and energy to devote to creating the things that we want to create. Creation, production and delivery of things of value for mankind or more specifically for the people we love is the ultimate goal of most of us. While it is true there are a few self centered individuals who love to bask in the glow of empty admiration, most of us would rather be known and loved for the good things that we do and the positive influences we can have on other people. Remember, no one is going to remember or care why you did a certain thing, they are only going to remember you if you did it. The road to h–ll is paved with good intentions so I have heard. If that is true, then the dips have surely been filled in with the honorable whys and why nots.

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2 Responses to “Why Why’s Don’t Matter, And Only The What Counts”

  1. Diane Grant Says:

    Great post!!! I use my “down times” to study or do training! It’s irritating to let life stop your momentum, even a little! Thanks for posting this!
    Diane Grant recently posted…Marketing Your Referral ProgramMy Profile


    sigrid Reply:

    You are so welcome Diane!



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