So You Won The Lottery

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Lottery Winner Claims Prize At Last Minute

Lottery Winners Face Plastered Across News Media

There was a recent news story that tells of a California woman who apparently purchased a lottery ticket at a convenience store five months ago, but had not claimed the prize. The California Lottery Commission went into action when the ticket went unclaimed and posted pictures from the security camera in the store on statewide television in the hopes that they could locate the woman. As it turns out, the woman’s daughter saw her face on TV and called her mom to let her know.  The woman was fortunate enough to find the lottery ticket in her car where she had put it five months ago after purchasing it and then forgot to check the numbers.


It was incredibly lucky that the ticket was still there and that she remembered where it was. I doubt I would have been so blessed. My vehicle does not have that same level of cleanliness that would allow me to find a lottery ticket five days after purchase, let along five months. As some wags pointed out, it was fortunate no one had stolen the car or taken the ticket, etc and that is a fair point. Surely the great lottery Gods were looking out for her there.

I did find it interesting that there was an outcry over the use of the surveillance video to try and track the woman down. There was concern over invasion of privacy, and what all that might entail. How we had no idea whether she was wanting to remain anonymous and not be seen, fleeing a violent relationship, etc, etc ,etc. It is great to speculate and what if ourselves right off the face of the earth, but don’t you think that the woman would be willing to risk being seen on TV in return for getting 23 million dollars? I’m fairly sure that I wouldn’t mind having my mug plastered on the small screen for that kind of return, but then again I don’t know her story. At the very least it has opened up a discussion regarding the role of media in our lives and whether this type of situation warrants its use.

All this hoopla over a lottery ticket reminds me of another thought that occurred to me as I read this story. There are a lot of people who state that they intend to win the lottery in order to finance their retirement, or to sustain them in old age. Often these people have no other visible means of acquiring money, and don’t have the dedication to save it, or the inclination to earn it, so for them the answer is to win the lottery.  I’m not here to pooh-pooh their ideas or to rain on their parades, but I would strongly advise anyone pursuing that line of thinking to make sure that you follow one very simple rule. Check your numbers.

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2 Responses to “So You Won The Lottery”

  1. Dagmar Wichary Says:

    I do not think you should count on the lottery to finance your future. There are more practical ways, but it is so nice. Just think what if, what if, and dream from there…


    sigrid Reply:

    Hey Dagmar, I agree that it is so important to have a dream…



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