WordPress Not Working Properly

How To Fix A WordPress Installation That Isn’t Working Properly

WordPress is by far the most commonly used publishing platform and is especially common with bloggers and webmasters who use blogs  as part of their websites. Like most things, just because it is popular doesn’t guarantee it’s reliability or ease of use. WordPress has many redeeming qualities and a host of great features, but it also is prone to developing quirky little problems and some much larger ones as well.


To those of you who that are familiar with WordPress, you usually know how to deal with the problem or know of an ‘expert’ who does. I often am amused (in a most perverse way) at the placid resignation that the blogging community has towards the failings and shortcomings of this publishing platform. If you had a car that was as quirky as WordPress, we would be sending it off to the scrap heap and getting another. But when it is almost the only game in town you have to just learn to deal with it.

To that end I am supplying information today (courtesy of  support.godaddy.com) that will help with anyone who has got an issue with a broken WordPress installation. It seemed reasonable that letting the experts explain it in a step by step process was a better way to go than having me fumbling my way through it. Hope it helps.

To Fix a Broken WordPress Installation

NOTE: Before following this procedure, we recommend backing up your database. For more information, see Backing up and Restoring MySQL or MSSQL Databases.

1. Log in to your Account Manager.

2. Click Web Hosting.

3. Next to the hosting account you want to use, click Launch.

4. In the Databases section of the Control Panel in your hosting account, click MySQL.

5. Next to your WordPress database, click phpMyAdmin.

6. Enter the database’s username and password, and then click Go.

7. Click the top menu on the left side, for example: blo11381542067.

8. Click wp_options.

9. Go to the Browse tab

10. In the row containing the site url value, click Edit.

11. In the option_value field, delete your old URL, enter your new URL, and then click Go

12. Go to the next page.

13. In row containing the home value, click Edit.

14. In the option_value field, delete your old URL, enter your new URL, and then click Go.

After clicking Go, the database updates. Your site should resolve normally.

If you installed WordPress with Go Daddy Hosting Connection®, the links in Go Daddy Hosting Connection still point to your old installation. As long as you update the links in the database, however, you can continue to upgrade your WordPress installation through Go Daddy Hosting Connection.


Sounds pretty straightforward doesn’t it? And at least all of the steps are there without additional gyrating and mouse clicking. Let me know if it helps you out. Or not. Suggestions always welcome.

Till Next Time

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10 Responses to “WordPress Not Working Properly”

  1. Nate Leung Says:

    What a great troubleshooting tutorial. I will save this for the future. Thanks Sigrid!
    Nate Leung recently posted…Is MLM Network Marketing Saturated?My Profile


    Sigrid McNab Reply:

    You are so welcome Nate!
    Sigrid McNab recently posted…Why Should I Give It AwayMy Profile



  2. sherman smith Says:

    I might have to add this to my resume! Thanks for sharing this time-saver Sigrid!
    sherman smith recently posted…How Important Is It To Leaving A Good Comment?My Profile


    Sigrid McNab Reply:

    You are so welcome Sherman!
    Sigrid McNab recently posted…Why Should I Give It AwayMy Profile



  3. Colette Morris Says:

    Man, I wish I had this knowledge a few months back when I had an issue with an upgrade of wordpress that i chose to accept…. This will definately go in my aresenal of ‘how to’

    Thanks for sharing. Great information.
    Colette Morris recently posted…Mindset | Your Frequency is Off…My Profile


    Sigrid McNab Reply:

    It is incredibly frustrating when that happens isn’t it Colette. You are so welcome…
    Sigrid McNab recently posted…Why Should I Give It AwayMy Profile



  4. Luke Blower Says:

    It’s great when people share really practical stuff like this, really helps out when technical stuff blows up on us and we start to panic. Thanks for sharing.
    Luke Blower recently posted…Blogging for beginners: On page SEOMy Profile


    Sigrid McNab Reply:

    You are so welcome Luke…
    Sigrid McNab recently posted…Why Should I Give It AwayMy Profile



  5. Ryan Biddulph Says:

    This is a helpful resource Sigrid. I often flip when things go wrong with my blog. When I broke it, I get a little antsy lol ;)

    Have a step by step resource in place certainly helps to easy my anxiety.

    Thanks for sharing!

    Ryan Biddulph recently posted…Why Did Seeing 4 Jesus Christ Lizards Today Teach Me to Suspend My Disbelief?My Profile


    Sigrid McNab Reply:

    Ryan, I know the feeling :)
    Sigrid McNab recently posted…Why Should I Give It AwayMy Profile



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