How NOT To Write A Marketing Email

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Don’t Do This When You Write A Marketing Email

Don’t assume everyone you are writing to is a Rhodes Scholar. If you want to use the phrase ‘this is easy to follow ,‘ don’t change it to ‘the aforementioned subject can be tracked with comparative ease provided one is not devoid of intellectual prowess.’ Use plain English, not bafflespeak.

More Tips On How Not To Write A Marketing Email

When you write a marketing email, don’t fill it with non-stop shouty capital letters, bold print and italics. It gets old in a hurry and everything begins to look the same. It’s no different than someone who hollers all the time. People learn to tune you out and a tuned out marketer is no marketer at all.

Same thing goes for flashy text and backgrounds. As you write a marketing email it is your prime intention to get people’s attention, but not to irritate them. You can catch some fish by irritating them, people, not so much.

Don’t bring up controversial or divisive topics. You don’t want the run the risk of losing 40% of your potential audience just because you made a sexist comment or chose one political platform over another. You have nothing to gain and everything to lose by including material like that when you write a marketing email.

If you are making a sales pitch, put it at the very bottom, and don’t use it as the only reason that you sent the email. Everyone knows that you have to sell to survive, but you can provide a lot of education and value along the way. Your email should not read like ad copy.

Write A Marketing Email

Don’t use $$$ signs in your emails. Not only will that get you fired in the junk box faster than a loose wheeled baby stroller, it looks cheap and isn’t in the least bit effective as a marketing tool.

Don’t continuously change your email format and style without measurable tracking of changes so that you can determine what is effective and what is basically a waste of time. If it isn’t measurable, then it has almost no value. It becomes a guess. Marketing should never be just guessing.

Don’t do the lone wolf thing and begin to  write a marketing email as though it is the only one that has every been written. Look at what other successful people are doing and copy the hell out of them. And NO, I do not mean word for word. I mean their writing styles and the ways that they market through email. 

I listened  with interest to top email marketer Matt Lloyd talk about another top email marketer, Jonathan Budd and how Budd was setting up his emails to promote some of Matt Lloyd’s products. That gave me the idea that I needed to promote Matt Lloyd’s Email Marketing Empire by deciding to write a marketing email solely about that product.

I’m sure you will get ideas from reading emails of other industry leaders. I do!

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