Yoli…Amazing Beverage or Business?

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 What is Yoli?

Yoli is another Utah based beverage company that markets its products through network marketing, and then oddly enough also available on some grocery store shelves.  It is a departure from the usual exclusive source marketing that has been the hallmark of the network marketing industry.

Yoli also promises to be different and vastly superior in the beverage product that they have developed, and have a ‘shaken, not stirred’ release mechanism that activates the ingredients immediately prior to consumption. These patented ‘Blast Caps’ are purported to keep all the vitamins, minerals and enzymes locked in until they are shaken and released (activated). 


It has been mentioned by some industry insiders that they felt as though Yoli was heavily overweighted on the business side of the equation as opposed to product. While that may have some validity in the pre-launch stage, Yoli has dispelled much of that criticism by expanding on their basic core product line and by adding ’Alkalete’ this year. ‘Alkalete’ is an anti-acidosis product formulated to assist with keeping the bodies pH at as close to optimum levels as possible.  Clearly Yoli is working to earn market share, as well as to educate as many people as possible about the health concerns that can result by following much of today’s North American diet.

Yoli feels that they have overcome many of the hurdles and drawbacks experienced by other network marketing companies and their compensation plans. While this may well prove out to be true, oftentimes the proof isn’t there until a ways down the road. The real truth is something different and shouldn’t come as a real shock to anyone who has ever been involved in business before.

The TRUTH about Yoli

The real truth is this. The company you work for ultimately isn’t responsible for your success and isn’t critical to your success. Nor is your up-line, or your training, or support team.  Nor is your product. Let me say that again. Your success does not depend upon your product. But it is tied to one critical factor. And that factor is YOU!

You, and only you, can decide how you are going to utilize the training and your up-line and how you’re going to market your product.  You are going to decide to align yourself with a company and a product that you feel comfortable with and feel like you can promote. You start by learning all you can, and then following what the leaders in your company are doing.  When I say leaders, I don’t necessarily mean those at the top, I mean those that are producing dramatic current numbers and are taking massive action. Those are the people that you want to emulate.

Success is as simple as that. Find a successful person and do what they do. It’s a simple formula that’s been time tested and it works every single time.

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  1. Dagmar Wichary Says:

    I agree, I love Network Marketing and there is a big difference the way you go about it.


    sigrid Reply:

    I love it too Dagmar. Thanks so much for sharing….



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